Database information

The database is presented in table form using Datatables CDN.

Upon entering, every record in the database is loaded and presented in a table with each record being a separate row. On the top left corner there is a choice button for the number of the records (10, 25, 50, 100) displayed at a single page. On the bottom left corner, the user can see the number of records shown, the total of filtered records and the total of the records in the database, while in the bottom right corner there are controls to traverse the table.

The table has 6 main columns: School, Status, Year of birth, Place of birth, as well as the last confirmed address of each student. On the leftmost of each row there is an icon, which upon pressing it, opens up extra information: Name, the name of the father and the mother, the father's occupating, shcool years and classes the student attended, as well as previous addresses and comments. Those information appear only if available.'

Searching can be done using the following two methods:

As an example, if on the right top searchbx the user types «koen 193 victim clerk», the results are students whose name contains the word «koen», who are born or went to school during the 30s, they are confirmed victims and their father was a clerk. If the user wishes to see which of those students were born in the 30s, «193» has to be removed from the top right searchbox and typed on the box under the column «Birthyear».

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